10 Things to Remember When Starting a New Job

CareerPro Pics 154Here are some tips to get you off on the right track when starting a new job:

1.  Learn the company culture. Observe meeting dialogs, staff dynamics, and learn what protocols are followed.

2.  Make every effort to remember coworkers’ first names. Calling people by their first name shows strong interpersonal skills.

3.  Have lunch with coworkers. If you’re an introvert, you may be tempted to hide out in your office, but when you first start, it’s important to have lunch with others and build rapport.

4.  Don’t get caught in office gossip.

5.  Don’t use your company computer to check personal email, Facebook, etc.

6.  Remember you need to be employed for awhile and establish credibility before suggesting any changes.

7.  If you’re unsure of something, it’s better to ask than guess. However, before asking, make every attempt to find the answer on your own. If you end up still having to ask someone, let that person know you tried to find the answer … it shows initiative on your part.

8.  Ask your boss for feedback on your performance, and keep your boss up-to-date on your projects.

9. Don’t forget to maintain your network of connections by keeping in contact with past coworkers, colleagues, etc. Send an occasional email, forward an interesting article, go out for coffee or lunch. Don’t wait until you need a favor to reconnect.

10.  Finally, before you start your new job, remember to send a thank you to any individual who helped you land the job (someone who informed you about the job, references, etc.).

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