Eight Signs of a Great Interview

Interviewing stockimages

Have you ever left an interview a little concerned about how well you did? Here are seven signs that you’ve had a great interview:

  1. The interviewers showed signs of liking you (smiling, laughter, humor).
  2. You felt good about your answers and were able to provide specific examples.
  3. They indicated they were impressed with the questions you asked of them.
  4. The interview went longer than expected.
  5. They asked if they could contact your references.
  6. At the conclusion of the interview you conveyed your interest in the position and indicated how you would be a benefit their organization.
  7. Upon leaving the interview, you sensed excitement from those who interviewed you.

Can you think of any more signs of having a great interview? Leave your comments below!

PHOTO by stockimages @freedigitalphotos.net

About the author: As a certified interview coach, Connie Hauer coaches clients on interview preparation, provides strategies on how to stand out from the competition, and helps clients polish their interviewing skills so they feel more confident. (Learn More) 

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