Put Your Job Offer in Writing

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“Put it in writing, or it didn’t happen.” This advice applies to many areas of life — especially when accepting a new job. Let me share a personal story.

When I first began my career, I was working in the Twin Cities, but after about a year, I wanted to return to the St. Cloud area. I applied for a job, interviewed, and was offered the job at a particular wage. I gave my two-week notice in the Twin Cities, gave my notice at my apartment (month-to-month lease), and signed a lease for an apartment in St. Cloud. The Friday before I was to start, my soon-to-be boss called me and said the Board did not agree with his pay offer, and he would have to pay me less than he offered. I felt I had no choice, because I had already given my notice in the Twin Cities and signed a new lease in St. Cloud. Thankfully, the offer was not a lot less, but this taught me a lesson.

Many companies will provide new hires with an official offer letter, but what if your new company does not do this? In this case, it’s important to send a letter of acceptance.

Letter of Acceptance

Like the story I shared, writing a letter of acceptance is especially important if your job offer was made orally but you have not — or did not — receive confirmation of the offer in writing. An effective letter of acceptance includes clarification of four key pieces of information: job title, salary information, details of benefits being offered (if any), and start date.

You can also clarify the date that the job offer was extended, as well as any additional information the company needs from you — or that you need from the company — before starting the new job. Address the letter to the person who offered you the position.

Don’t let what happened to me happen to you.

Image by Canva @freedigitalphotos.net

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