5 Important Reasons Your Resume Should be Up-to-Date

Writing BetterIf you’re like most individuals, you do not have an up-to-date resume; however, by not doing so, you may regret it. Here are five important reasons why you should update your resume sooner rather than later.

1. If you suddenly lost your job, you have a resume ready-to-go. Case in point: a family member (and his coworker) were laid off unexpectedly. This family member had an up-to-date resume, and that same day he started applying for positions. Within one week he had a job!

2. If you heard about a great job opportunity, but found out the deadline was only one day away, you would not panic and would not have to scramble to update your resume.

3. Updating your resume regularly (at least once a year) will allow you to better remember facts, accomplishments, trainings, etc. The longer a person waits, the greater the chances of forgetting something important; something that could actually set you apart from the competition. You don’t want to risk it.

4. With an updated resume, you will be documenting your career accomplishments on a yearly basis. These successes can be valuable tools in a performance review and could set the stage for a larger pay increase or possible future promotion.

5. Updating your resume will allow you to better assess and manage your career. Is your career headed in the direction you want? Are you still doing the same thing you did a year ago but want to eventually move up the ladder? What do you need to do to reach your career goal?

Even if you really like your job and have no plans of changing careers, you just never know. Things happen. Companies get bought out. Bosses and coworkers change. Having an up-to-date resume is good career management, and if something unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared.

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