Video Interview Tips

Video job interviews (also called virtual interviews) have been on the rise in recent years, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are relying heavily on video platforms, if not exclusively. In fact, when I spoke with an HR professional recently, she informed me that they have temporarily pulled away from any in-person interviews until a later date.

Even if you have experience with video conferencing with family and friends, a job interview is different, and you might not get a second chance. Below I’ve listed some of the tips I’ve included in a handout I wrote entitled, “Video Job Interviews: What You Need to Know.” If you would like a complete copy, email me at, and I will email you a PDF copy. Here are some of the tips:

  • Think of the background where you will be interviewing. You don’t want it too busy so it distracts the interviewer. You also want to be sure your background is not cluttered or messy. This is especially important if you’ve stated on your resume that you have strong organizational skills.
  • Be sure your device’s webcam is at or slightly above eye level. (You don’t want the interviewer looking up your nose!) You also don’t want to sit too close to the webcam. It’s best to sit back a little; you don’t want just your face showing.
  • Don’t forget to check for updates on your computer or device. You don’t want it to automatically start an update during the interview. (Something similar actually happened to a friend. She was giving a PowerPoint presentation, and her laptop started updating during the middle of the presentation!)
  • If you’re concerned about the doorbell ringing during your interview, put a note by the doorbell, “Please DO NOT ring the doorbell.”
  • During the interview, if you need to glance down at some notes occasionally, feel free to do so. (Tip: use sticky notepads for notes and place them at the bottom of your computer monitor.)
  • Technical glitches happen, so have a Plan B (perhaps another device or phone), and be sure these devices are nearby and are fully charged.

Don’t forget to prepare for your virtual interview as you would any other interview. Hiring managers have listed “Not being prepared”  as one of the top pet peeves in my all of the surveys I have conducted, so prepare, practice, and ace your interview!

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