What Clients Say


  • “You ROCK Connie!! … Thank you SO much for everything…”
  • “Thanks again for your assistance … it was the best money I’ve spent on my career.”
  • “I just HAD to tell you I was offered the job yesterday!! I am SO excited to start my DREAM job … thanks SO much for helping me.”
  • “I’m happy to say the interview went very well. They offered me the job … Again, I can’t thank you enough for the confidence boost. The best money I ever spent.”
  • “Thanks for the help … I already have another job. It took only one week and I got set up for an interview one hour after I emailed them my resume. I was very impressed!”
  • “I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position and start on Monday! Thank you for all your support during this time, I will definitely recommend you to others and already have.”

ANONYMOUS SATISFACTION SURVEY: CareerPro Services administers an anonymous satisfaction survey to new clients. Here are some responses:

What did you like best about our services?

  • “Friendly, knowledgeable staff.”
  • “Connie made me feel completely comfortable, she was very easy to talk to and made my first professional service experience a great one.”
  • “The very detailed questions … they helped me really think about what I’ve done the last 10+ years.”
  • “The personal interview. I had more experience than I thought.”
  • “There were good questions asked.” … “Suggestions were great.”
  • “Personal interview.” … “Very professional and personal.”
  • “Convenient, good suggestions, professional results.”
  • “Friendly service and attention to details.”

Other Survey Comments:

  • “So far, I’m 2 for 2 on interviews and hopefully am close to being hired by the second employer. Thank you a ton for your expertise and commitment to my professional success. I will definitely retain your services in the future.
  • “The service was wonderful! I will definitely refer my friends to this service.”
  • “Thank you very much for all your help! I would not hesitate to recommend CareerPro to others (I already have!).”
  • “I have recommended CareerPro Services to quite a few people. I was very satisfied and will be referring others.

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